40 bridal bouquets to inspire you for your 2017 wedding

If you’ve yet to decided on the bouquet for your wedding day, check out 40 of our fave bouquets for your 2017 wedding. You are bound to find the one that best suits your style and adds colour and style to your outfit.

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There are many traditions where weddings are concerned. Rooted in the symbology of partnership, couples have long formalised their union by way of the exchanging of rings, with other wedding traditions being tied to the wedding dress and its color, the bridal veil, to the bouquet and the ritual of throwing it overhead towards single women waiting in anticipation of receiving it as a sign of their own wedding to come. Originally, the bride carried a bouquet for the aroma as well as the flowers being seen as symbolising purity. That tradition has evolved and today we have so many more options for beautiful bouquets which can be made from all sorts of flowers. In this gallery we’ve picked our 40 favourite bouquets fit for your 2017 wedding; it should get the inspiration flowing and have you working flowers and their colour into your bridal look perfectly.

Just as with all your lust worthy bridal accessories such as shoes and jewellery, there are many different options for your bridal bouquet depending on the style you are going for. The bouquet size is a huge factor, as if you are going for a princess cut dress with a voluminous skirt you need a relatively big bouquet so it’s not overwhelmed by the m4asses of fabric! Why not make an impression on your guests by going for the current trend of further personalising your bouquet by tying the stems with a ribbon or fabric, perhaps even by adding a brooch. For a countryside or boho outdoor wedding we recommend a hand tied just picked look bouquet, which is simple and made with seasonal flowers as the perfect choice to complement your look.

Hydrangeas, peonies, tea roses, astilbe, eucalyptus and olive branches – all of these are perfect flowers and plants to incorporate into your bouquet. Check out the pics in this gallery and find the perfect bouquet design to complete your outfit.

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