How To Celebrate Your Anniversary In 5 Steps

Your anniversary is one of the most important days of the year - check out how to create a unique day of celebrations for your partner, and show your love for them.

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There is no secret formula to understanding love, to making a relationship work. However, there is always something that you can do to help things go down the right path. Navigating day-to-day life is key for any couple: living together, the surprises… But the first anniversary can function as a measure of your life together, and is also an opportunity to make romantic feelings a firm reality.


People approach their anniversaries in different ways, but many adhere to social conventions – the “usual”, and what is typically done. To add a bit of originality into this very special day, we offer you a guide on how to celebrate your anniversary uniquely, and in only five steps.

Figure out your partner’s opinion

Before you do anything else, you should find out how your partner feels about anniversaries, and what their philosophy is towards relationships. There are spouses who are less inclined towards details, and those that love to put together a project, and those that prefer to move away from commercial events such as anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Of course the engagement is the time when you discover most of this, and create the foundations for your marriage and future celebrations together. But romance does not always indicate the way in which your partner would like to celebrate events such as anniversaries, or just what their expectations might be.

This article is directed towards those who prefer to celebrate their anniversary, and enjoy doing so – that is to say, without falling into the commercial trap. To ensure that there is a fun aspect to the event, and a truly original perspective, we will show you some of the most striking ideas that will create a real spark.

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An anniversary is not something that comes around often, and so is not a place to experiment, and is something to be taken quite seriously. But we say this: get energised, and think about your partner.

To start off, figure out the tastes of the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. It’s likely that you already know a lot about him or her, but it’s always beneficial to know a little more. How? Fixate on the small details, on what they enjoy most particularly, on their past passions, on their memories, and on their dreams for the future. Alongside everything that you already know, this injection of extra information will guide you brilliantly.

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Put together an original plan

How to hit the nail on the head for the big day? Maybe you’re thinking of taking a long stroll together, going to the cinema, spending an intimate night together. But we’re here to ask you – don’t you do this every weekend?

Change it up. Get out of the routine of your average weekend. This is a special day! Go out together alone and don’t let anyone stop you, like you’re both twenty years old again. Spend a day in a state of total relaxation, perhaps at a spa; jump in the car and find a place in the middle of nowhere where you can watch the stars; replace the cinema with the theatre, and enjoy a luxurious meal together afterwards; spend the afternoon walking through museums and galleries and drinking cocktails. Do something that you’ll both remember.

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Focus on originality

Your partner is unique. Why treat them like every other person? Once you have put your plan together, make sure that there is at least one moment that is designed for them, and only them. Break the rules!

There is a universe of possibilities, outside of the generic gift-giving of flowers and chocolates. Even within day-to-day objects you can find inspiration – maybe invest in a watch, jewellery, a tie, shoes, a wallet, a bag, or even gifts that appeal to their more niche interests, such as sports items, tickets to a spectacular event (the opera is something we always recommend!), a memory of their childhood or a particular trip you have taken together.

However, at Zankyou we believe love is more than just gifts. Material items are not always the best idea – sometimes you should try and choose something that simply makes you feel alive, and which requires you to use your imagination. Think about what songs, poems, paintings and art your partner likes, and pursue something related to these – if you can, maybe a private viewing of their favourite gallery, or a personalised message from their favourite singer.

One idea that many couples who are celebrating milestone anniversaries consider is a vow-renewal ceremony. These are often more low-key celebrations, and provide a close, intimate setting for a more nuanced reflection on your love, and years together as a couple. However, it is also often a good excuse to meet up with family and friends and attendees of your original wedding and have a big party!

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Don’t forget the importance of details

This is a reminder that you should focus not only on your anniversary. Because whilst this moment is very special, you should keep in mind at all times that love is not an obligation that you have to attend to at one time during the year, but something that you should celebrate every day. Anniversaries are a great day to remember your wedding day – a memorable and significant event for every couple – but it is also great to do this in the everyday moments, in a surprise, and to constantly show your partner how much they mean to you. An anniversary is an important day, yes, but every other day of the year should also be seen as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship.

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