Wedding Suit Essentials You Need to Know

For the most important day of your life, it is important to look dashing and well-groomed on the big day!

Wedding Suit Essentials You Need to Know
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This article is written by Shawn Stevenson

Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life. It is the day you decide to make the big decision to share your life experiences with the better half. The evening brings it with a hoard of memories that you cherish forever. It is why most people are adamant about making their wedding day the most immaculate and flawlessly planned event ever. You wish everything to be picture-perfect on your big day.

One essential part of the wedding event is the outfit you plan to wear. It is natural for people to want to look beautiful and attractive on their wedding day. Therefore, it is crucial to pick out an outfit that suits your personality and the theme of the event. It is usual to be confused about which suit to pick to don on the day, however, going through wedding suits Sydney will give you an insight on the trendiest, most stylish outfits for your wedding. 

Wishing to provide some ease in your wedding outfit selection, we have listed down several wedding suit pointers that you need to keep track of before buying your wedding attire. 

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Focus on The Fabric More Than the Color

As much as you would like to focus on the color and design of your suit, your first focus when selecting a wedding suit, however, should always be on the fabric. It is an instinct to make design and color the priority since many believe it is what makes the suit stand out. But, it is the fabric that would make the most difference to your entire dress suit outlook. 

It is also true that particular cloth material works best with specific designs, styles, and colors. Hence, it would be appropriate if you choose the fabric first and then work around your style and color options. Your dress fabric also needs to be according to the season you have scheduled your wedding. A lightweight, breathable fabric must be chosen for summer weddings. Wearing a thicker suit would make you uneasy and spoil your entire look. 

Once you have chosen the fabric such as wool, cotton, linen, cashmere, etcetera, you can pick a color and design that suits your wedding theme. Would you go for pastel colors to befit the summers with a bow-tie, or would you prefer to keep it simple and classic with a plain two-buttoned charcoal grey suit to don in your winter wedding? Once you are done and dusted in the fabric division, you can pull in your designing creativity and match out a perfect attire for your wedding day. 

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Be Creative

Even though the playing field for designing a suit is quite restricted, you can still think out of the box and create an outfit that resonates with your personality and aesthetics. Scheduling a meeting with your tailor and asking him for applicable design ideas will also give you a new perspective and thought process on how you want your wedding suit to look. 

Additionally, it is essential that you also do your homework. Once you have a basic idea of the look you expect your suit to give, you can work around it and bring out some innovations in your wedding look. It is natural to play it safe since venturing may increase the risks of not achieving your wished-for look on the big day. However, keeping the creativities subtle by making slight changes here and there may ultimately evolve the look of your suit and yet, not look too overdone. 

You could change the look of the coat pockets or even get a different fabric or color for the shawl. Such minute changes may help in making your wedding suit stand out without making it look way too eccentric. 

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Coordinate Your Outfit

Your wedding look would not just comprise of the suit you wear; it will also include the accessories you put on to complete the attire. One basic fashion rule is to coordinate all the accessories according to the suit you wear. You will have a few options for the essentials to wear matching the outfit, such as cufflinks, watches, etc. 

Cufflinks give an elegant formality to your suit. If you have chosen to go chic and straightforward with your outfit, wearing a pair of cufflinks will provide some added extravagance to your look. A watch is a must since it is known to exude personality and poise. Wearing a watch is a plus point in any individual’s character, and it gives a great look. A boutonniere is a small flower or bud typically worn on the lapel of your suit. It will provide a sweet and elegant touch to your attire. It will be essential to match your boutonniere with the floral theme of the wedding. It will give a more rounded off look to your suit. 

Moreover, it is also crucial that you coordinate your cufflinks to your watch. Your outfit will not go together if you wear a golden tinted watch while sporting silver cufflinks. Hence, make sure your entire look is well-coordinated and matched. 

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Consider Whether You Will Wear the Suit Again

Unlike the bride’s wedding outfit, a man’s wedding suit is usable later too. You can wear the suit to office meetings, interviews, and other formal gatherings. If you are investing a considerable amount in getting yourself a designer suit for the wedding, you might as well get it made in design and style that can be carried easily later. 

If you wish to make use of your dress suit in the long-term, consider choosing your fabric and styles accordingly. Also, getting an outfit that goes well with your personality and provides comfort in the wear will ensure you use it more than once after the wedding. 

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Get A Proper Fit

A proper fitting is the most critical feature of a good-looking dress suit. A few vital measurements that need to be taken care of are the chest-size, shoulder width, waist size, and length. The suit needs to be perfectly fitted to give a smart look; however, at the same time, the suit should be comfortable to wear. 

It will be your wedding, and you will already be a nerve-wrack; wearing the wrongly fitted suit will add to your wedding jitters. Hence, you must make sure your tailor takes the correct measurements. Keeping a few dress rehearsals before the big day will also help to avoid any last-minute dress fiascos from happening. 

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Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You must look dashing and well-groomed on the big day. Getting an appropriately fitted dress suit, along with the right cut and styles, will make sure you rock your wedding outfit like a gentleman. 

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