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Surprising Benefits of Wine You Did Not Know

Wine can be so much more than alcohol and taste... You will have a different look at your next glass of wine after reading this article!

Surprising Benefits of Wine You Did Not Know
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This article is written by Shawn Stevenson


Sometimes you have a long day at work, and when you come home, you pour yourself a glass of wine. We have all been there, and we often scold ourselves on relying on alcohol so much. Although choosing between red and white wine is a struggle, there is a bigger issue at hand. For regular wine drinkers, there is a constant worry that wine is not entirely good for your body. Even though it is the perfect kickstart to the weekend and tastes good, it is not the healthiest of choices. However, there are new reports that are combating these statements by saying that wine has its own benefits. Both fitness enthusiasts and wine lovers have been surprised by this new information. Everyone is asking the same question: how can alcohol be healthy? 

Despite the scrutiny surrounding this data, wine indeed has its own benefits that not many people know of. This is, of course, limited to how much wine you consume and when, but nonetheless, it is true. So whether you are thinking to buy red wine online or are going to the shop, here is all you need to know. 

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The Holy Grail of Alcohol 

Wine is regarded as the holy grail of alcohol. This can be attributed to many factors, from the taste and quality to its health benefits. Red wine, especially, is said to contain antioxidants and lowers the chances for a lot of diseases. White wine follows closely behind as it gives the same kinds of health benefits. But how can wine actually be good for you and what does this entail? Despite being beloved by many, wine has been associated with a number of issues. There have been links between the over-consumption of alcohol and cancer. One bottle of wine has been equated to a lifetime of being a cancer risk. Even for people who spend their free time at the gym or doing yoga, alcohol is absolutely prohibited. But all of these factoids have been negated with new research and studies. 

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Surprising Benefits of Drinking Wine 

A lot of experts have said that you should not drink wine for its benefits. After all, it is an alcoholic drink and is used as a mood relaxer. But this does not mean that wine will not impact your health in a positive manner. Not only is there less harm from drinking moderate amounts of wine, but there are also many advantages. 


This is especially true of red wine. The drink contains a number of powerful antioxidants and compounds from plants. From resveratrol to catechin and proanthocyanidins, the wine provides humans with a lot of benefits. Antioxidants such as these are responsible for reducing oxidative damage in the body and preventing all kinds of cancerous diseases. They can even help prevent injury or damage to the body if used moderately. 

Say Goodbye to Acne 

One of the best things about being an avid wine drinker is that you do not have to worry about bad skin. Both red and white wine is great at limiting the growth of bacteria that causes acne. When you orally intake the wine, the antioxidants immediately get to work and enhance your skin to a huge extent. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If you consume a little bit of alcohol, you will be able to boost omega-3 fatty acid levels. These will directly influence your plasma and red blood cells and in turn, give you protection against heart diseases. Therefore, drinking wine has the same effect on your body as eating fish. Studies have shown that moderate wine drinking is linked to higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids and is quite helpful for prevention. 

Helping Heart Health 

New research has put forward that wine is likely to reduce the chances of heart disease. For red wine, the concentration of antioxidants is perfect for helping your blood pressure and lessen the risk of metabolic diseases. For people who love wine and have a heart condition, this is fantastic news. 

Preventing Dementia

If red wine is being consumed in a moderate amount, it can do wonders for preventing dementia. Long term studies have been conducted which showcase that in 14 countries where people drink red wine on the regular, the risk of dementia is less. One of the main reasons for this is resveratrol which reduces the stickiness of platelets. This is the key to giving better blood supply to the brain.

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Improving the Immune System

Taking your daily vitamins is essential to staying healthy. But that does not mean that you can’t have extra help. Drinking a glass of wine every other day is known to boost your immune system. When you drink wine moderately, it will have positive effects on your system, and you are less likely to fall ill. 

Fighting Against Cancer 

For people who are worried about battling cancer, wine may be the solution. Colon, prostate, and breast cancer risks are reduced by one glass of wine. Cancer thrives on free radicals that are combatted by the antioxidants in wine. Harvard Medical School put out a report that showed this. 52% of men who regularly drink wine were less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than those who didn’t.

Lowering Cholesterol Levels

It all comes back to resveratrol. This compound is found in red wine and is famous for lowering cholesterol levels. Besides exercising and keep a diet, regular wine drinking for four weeks can reduce bad cholesterol levels by 16%. Not all grape extracts give this benefit, and it is mostly restricted to the alcohol present in the red wine. 


Wine is helpful is giving a relaxing effect, but there is new research that shows the impact it has on depression. Spanish researchers have found that women who regularly drink wine each week have lesser chances of being diagnosed with depression. Lifestyle factors also have their own influence, but the research has proved itself beyond this.

Bone Density

Wine drinking is directly linked to your bones. Where excess wine can lead to osteoporosis, moderate intake has the opposite effect. Menopausal women who drink one glass per day have stronger bones according to new studies. This prevents bone loss and builds stronger turnovers for older people. This improves bone density and gives way for a better lifestyle. 

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In Summation 

Getting drunk is not the road to a healthier life. But drinking wine on the regular just may be the trick. It will not only have a good impact on your mental wellbeing but also enhance your physical health. Although the benefits of both white and red wine depend on an individual’s body, the substantial advantages are something to look out for.


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