How to choose a perfect wedding gift

Need inspiration for your perfect wedding gift for the bridal couple? We´ve got the best tips for you!

How to choose a perfect wedding gift
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This article is written by Shawn Stevenson


Weddings are a happy occasion where two people who are in love join together and decide to spend their whole lives with each other. It’s not just a bond between two people but also joins families together as one. The couple shares this happy occasion with family and friends who bless the couple with prayers and give gifts which can be memorable for the bride and groom.

After the wedding registry and celebrations, the couple invites all the guests to have dinner with them and rejoice. 

As the years pass, the customs change, but one custom is still the same, which is presenting the couple with a gift. 

Many people prefer giving money to the couple instead of presenting them with a gift. They think that the bride and groom may make good use of the money and might even need it as they have started a new journey in life and the extra support might come in handy.

Although, there are more people who tend to give gifts instead of money because they can be a physical reminder of how much that person means to you and a gift can also be stored and used for a long time. 

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Tips to help you choose the perfect wedding gift 

Choosing the perfect gift is not always easy. Regardless you have to present a gift to the couple. Here are some tips which will help you in giving the perfect wedding gift.

Know the couple’s choice

Choosing the best gift will depend largely on who you’re giving the gift. There is no perfect gift for everyone. 

In these cases, good advice is to consult the friends or family members we have in common about what are the tastes of the bride and groom and what they need. If you don’t know the couple very closely, you can find a person in common who can help you with your choice. Many people choose the gift through social media, and they figure out the likes and dislikes of the couple through their social media accounts. So if you work with them and don’t know anybody who would know them personally to help you choose the perfect wedding gift. Social media is here for your rescue. 

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Set a budget 

You cannot go overboard with this one. Spending on your loved ones is a good thing but not so much that you regret it at the end.

The best way you are going to be able to find the perfect gift is to establish a maximum budget of money that you want to spend on the gift. Everything you are looking for will have to adapt to this budget and, therefore, will be a good starting point to be able to draw up a much more accurate list of gifts. 

The budget is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a gift, so it is one of the main decisions that we have to face before choosing any type of wedding gift. 

Make a list of possible gifts and be original 

It is normal for us to receive a lot of invites to weddings, birthdays and parties. We often go there and present a gift. It’s important that we realize that all gifts are not suitable to be presented as a wedding gift. 

A good idea would be to make a list of all the things that come to your mind when you think of the perfect wedding gift. Jot them down and then personalize the choice according to the person who is going to receive the gift. Make it so special that they remember our gift forever. Make sure that all the possible gifts that come to mind are within the budget that we have marked. 

Once the list is made, an effort to be original is always appreciated. 

List of personalized gifts can be:

  • Wallets with names written on them
  • Wine bottles with a tag wishing the bride and groom a happy married life
  • Platinum rings with names engraved on them

The list goes on and on, and these personalized gifts will leave a prolonged mark on the hearts of the wedded couple.

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Bet on the utility 

Giving the married couple something they can use in their life is nothing less than a blessing. How many times have people given you something that you have never used again? Make sure that your gift will prove to be useful to the couple so it can be used and not just sit gathering dust. 

Gifts have to be seen as a perfect opportunity to meet a need. Something related to sports if you know the bride or the groom have a liking towards it. You can also gift a set of crockery or cutlery because they will definitely be used in the home. Personalized academic material like pens with the names embossed on them or notebooks with the names of the person can also be a perfect wedding it if the person is studying. These are good ideas that are sure to have used and will meet a need. 

Give long-lasting gifts

Give gifts that are not used up the same time you give them. Eatables such as chocolates, candies or sweet treats are not something that you should give. Rather than this opt for sharing in the expenses with the bride and groom. Take responsibility for the wine or the wedding cake. Although they are also eatables, you will be helping out the bride and groom with their wedding, and for them, it will be the perfect wedding gift!

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Sponsor their honeymoon

If you are really close to the couple, sponsoring their honeymoon would be the perfect gift for them. It will be a gift they will never forget. If it is going over your budget, sponsor their air tickets or their hotel reservations and play your part by being the best man or the best bridesmaid ever. 

Happy wedding!

We all want to give the best gift to our dear ones on their special occasion. Something that they will remember us by and a perfect give that will prove to be the perfect token of love from us to them. 

Wedding gifts do not need to be expensive or a burden on our wallets, we can give an original and personalized gift for no cost at all like a beautiful collage of the pictures of the bride and the groom. We can make a special video and put in the special moments of the couple and us with them, so they remember us whenever they look at the video. Go through these tips and select the perfect wedding gift.


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