7 Things to expect from a florist

Florists are the ones that create the most beautiful flower arrangements for your wedding, here you will read what to expect from a florist!

7 Things to expect from a florist
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This article is written by Shawn Stevenson


Floral arrangement and flower decoration play an important role in any event. The most beautiful thing about an important event, such as a wedding, could be the flowers. The flowers can be combined with the time of year, the theme you want for that night, preference of colors and aromas. The florists use creativity and knowledge of plants to design and create floral arrangements. Florists sell flowers, plants, and arrangements to the general public, companies, event organizers, etc.

The most common mistake in organizing your event with respect to flowers is not knowing what to expect from your florist. We must be realistic. Now we have platforms like Pinterest and Instagram – they work very well to get ideas and inspiration, but many times that idea is not within your budget. It could be that the flowers you want are not in season or simply the venue doesn’t meet the size or structure of what you really want.

Taking the help of an expert florist can help you save yourself from a lot of hassle. For instance, a good florist will offer you same day flower delivery online

Here are 7 things that you should expect your florist to take care of: 

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1. Health and hard work

They’re prepared to pick up heavy boxes with cut flowers and move flowerpots with large potted plants. Every day, they need to carry and change a lot of clean water in flowerpots with flowers. It’s not a good idea to hire a sloth for such work. Many florists don’t stand the trial period.

2. Sleight of hand and good taste

These are necessary qualities for a person engaged in any hand-made work. Over the years, florists form and develop these qualities. However, no experience will protect their hands from cuts and scratches. Roses, so popular with buyers, will always leave their “prints” that don’t heal for a long time.

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3. Ability to communicate with customers and stress resistance

Without these qualities, it is difficult to engage in any type of activity. Customers are different. Many of them don’t understand why they have been forming the bouquet for so long. There are always those who wish (especially among women) to give their advice and comments, or even change the requirements as they work.

4. The ability to concentrate and organize their work time well

Many women florists are not ready to sacrifice their health, appearance, and family for the sake of “admiring the flowers” every day. Perhaps that is why girls more often focus on clear forms, universal compositions, and concepts.

But not everyone wants to just stamp the bouquets. Next time we’ll talk about the professionals in our field.

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5. Work activities

The florists sell flowers and plants to the public and create floral arrangements on demand. Most florists perform both tasks, i.e. selling and making arrangements. However, in some large stores, you’ll find specialized florists.

The tasks of a florist usually include:

  • Order, unpacking and care of flowers and plants.
  • Creating beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements with their unique designs, ideas, and knowledge.
  • Meeting all the requirements of their customers.
  • Help customers choose designs, flowers, and plants suitable for different occasions.
  • Arrangement of arrangements at conferences and exhibitions.
  • Delivery of arrangements to homes, offices and event scenarios.
  • Making sure that there is enough stock of plant foliage, floral arrangements and fresh flowers.

6. Taking orders and Advice

Florists take orders from the counter or by phone. There are often large networks of florists that come together and organize to create arrangements and distribute flowers of all kinds through local florists.

In addition to selling flowers, florists advise clients about the general care of plants. They must have extensive product knowledge, including the seasonal availability of flowers and decorative plants.

Caring for flowers and plants in order to keep them in the best conditions and prolong their life is an important part of the job, so florists should have knowledge of the characteristics and needs of different flowers and plants.

Florists condition fresh flowers and decorative plants by cutting off the stems, eliminating damaged flowers and leaves, watering them properly and controlling the appearance of pests.

Florists prepare and hold flowers with wires to create formal compositions such as bouquets, corsages, wedding bouquets, and floral offerings. To create the compositions, they use a wide range of tools, including knives, scissors, pruners, support wires, and adhesive tape. They mount compositions in various types of containers such as pot, vases, and baskets, using foam, ribbons and other decorative accessories. Dehydrated or artificial flowers can also be used.

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7. Specialized

Some florists specialize in floral decorations for corporate or similar events. They can also receive jobs under contract, providing, for example, flowers or plants to offices, hotels or official buildings on a regular basis. Florists charge customers in cash, as well as debit or credit cards, and keep track of payments. Sometimes they sell various accessories such as vases, baskets, balloons, cards and flower arrangement materials.

Some florists (such as the owner or manager) select and buy flowers and plants in bulk; they acquire gender regularly through the internet or by phone and receive it directly in stores.

In the case of florist owners or managers of a store, there will be some additional obligations such as personnel management, administration, and accounting. If you’re looking to learn more, here are some tips on how to find a florist that best suits you.


Go to a florist with an open mind even if you think it’s very difficult to find the right one. These tips will help you find the best florist who can responsibly take care of your flower arrangements. You have to understand that flowers are something that is alive, and changes depending on the seasonality of the year and have their own life cycle. The good thing is that there is so much variety and so many combinations that just knowing this, your stress should be at zero levels. Ask for options – don’t go only for the ideas you see on the internet.



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