6 Ways to Thank Your Caterers

Want to thank your caterers for their amazing job at your wedding? With these six ways they will surely feel appreciated!

6 Ways to Thank Your Caterers
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This article is written by Shawn Stevenson 


Caterers play an important role in any function or event, hence they are the important pillar while preparing for the event or planning an event. The duties of caterers include preparing and serving food, attending diner’s need, clearing the table, provision of staff, setting tables and others. Without all these functions, a function would be incomplete so choosing your caterer wisely within your budget. And according to your requirement is a tough task as all the duties must be performed in a timely and most efficient manner. 

If you find a suitable caterer for your function who work so well and make your event a different, unique event and they give you the services more than your expectation in term of food, setting table, serving the guest, making you feel honored in front of your guest, feel like you get the value for your money, so then you also have to thank your catering service to acknowledge them and make them feel appreciated. 

You can thank your caterers in different ways so they will be motivated and excited towards their work and perform more enthusiastically. Make sure you thank them after your event. Don’t forget to acknowledge their duties because they are the one who make your event standout. There is a different catering service provider in different countries that provide service through their stores and have an online presence as well. In Australia catering Sydney is a catering service provider that provides catering in Sydney, they deal in event catering, corporate catering, and event catering.

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1. Acknowledge through testimonial 

A testimonial is a formal statement to testify to someone. It is a written or spoken statement about a product or a service or a person. The testimonial is a part of communal marketing. Past or current customers to present their opinion about the product creates greater importance to build trust for future customers. Customers share their experiences in a written or verbal form that will be posted on the website of the service provider or caterer or their Facebook page to create awareness among the clients that their services are of a high standard and are up to the mark so they won’t hesitate while appointing them for their most important events.

2. Sending a thank you note 

You can even send a note to thank them to acknowledge their services and the fabulous job they have done to make your event a successful event. Because without their effort and continuous work it won’t be possible to arrange a successful event. That would be a source of appreciation for the service provider and also it gives them a view about the client that it is just not a deal of money and service provision but it is the creation of harmony and good relationship between client and caterer who value their EFFORT.

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3. Sending a gift  

You can even send a gift for the team that has work day and night to make your event successful. It is also your duty to appreciate them by sending a gift for the caterers or a cake or chocolates or anything that appreciates their efforts. That creates a sense of appreciation and goodwill for the company that clients create their effort and value what they offer. You can also send them the card that acknowledges the duties of the team and how they make it possible in a given duration with the best of their work.

4. Referring your caterers to others 

The best way to promote your caterers is by referring it to others. You can take their cards and provide it to your family or friends who are in search of reliable and efficient caterers for their events. Referring it to others makes them feel proud that you acknowledge their duties so you are referring it to others because you trust them for arranging an event. You refer them to Facebook food pages and also referring them to your relatives that will increase their business as well as a number of their clients. 

Your reference will play a major role while getting new clients and enhancing their business. Try to be a good client so it is just not a one-way process but a two-way process you value them not just your duties and service you need.

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5. Pay more what is decided 

If your caterers make your event successful you can acknowledge their efforts in terms of paying them more. Whatever is decided between you and your caterer pay them more like a tip to appreciate their effort so that will be distributed among the team and they will feel rewarded. Try to be a good client that just does not want their work done but also value the effort the team has done for your event to be successful make them a part of your major events. So, they will try to perform better in each event, create a sense of harmony, goodwill, and acknowledgment among all of the people involved in planning, coordination, and implementation of the plan for the event.

6.  Prefer them for your events 

When you’ve noticed that your caterer is working up to the standard and give you no chance of complaint, try to acknowledge their effort by preferring them for your events and deciding with them what you want for your event and confirming the venue that what type of decoration you want for your event. 

Try to involve them, so they will feel empowered and give you more ideas on how they can create innovation in different types of events giving you no chance for complaint give them more chances to enhance their skills. And that will also create a relationship between you and your caterer you can also thank them while also preferring them for your small events and parties, look for a better idea what they are willing to offer in big and small budget what kind of dishes are decided for the event, how they are going to decorate the table what would be the serving style and the number of staff that is required.

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Caterers are an important part of any event you look for the best caterer in your budget and give you no chance of complaint to your clients. Try to acknowledge their effort by thanking them in different ways by referring them or sending them a gift it is not just a one-way task it is a two-way process of how you deal with the people who serve you in your events that creates harmony and goodwill among client and customer. 

Make them feel proud of their efforts to appreciate them by a gift or by word of mouth or by referring them to your family or friends. Different catering services offer different types of services and have an online and physical presence.


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