8 Tips to Help Prepare Your Garden Wedding

Planning a garden wedding can be a challenge, but with these 8 tips you will have the garden wedding you have always dreamed about!

8 Tips to Help Prepare Your Garden Wedding
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This article is written by Shawn Stevenson


Planning a wedding is a tricky and precarious deed. It takes months of preparation and emotions often run high. Several factors must always be considered when it comes to planning a wedding. You have to find a venue, book a caterer, find the right wedding dress, sort the guest list and most importantly, send out the invites. In short, planning a wedding is no easy feat. Having to plan a wedding also means needing to figure out what date you want for your wedding. When you figure that out, you are one step closer to getting the rest sorted. How would that be? Well, here is how; if you decide to have your wedding in May or June, for example, that is a summer wedding. Summer weddings are great for outdoor weddings. If you decide to have your wedding in October or November, that is a winter wedding, which is most suitable for indoor venues. Unless, of course, you live in a country like Australia where the seasons are reversed. Either way, picking a date brings you a step closer to getting the rest of your wedding planned out.

Most of the time, though, people opt to have outdoor weddings. They are proven not only aesthetically beautiful but are also considered extremely chic with a magical sort of effect on guests and viewers. In fact, garden wedding venues have started becoming more popularized as the demand for garden weddings is getting higher. If you are considering opting for a garden wedding and needing tips and pointers about how to begin preparing, you have come to the right place. This article will give you tips on how to prepare for a garden wedding and what to keep in mind when planning it.

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How to prepare for your garden wedding

1) Know your seasons. Each month has a different season for each plant. Most plants are not year-round plants – meaning they only bloom at certain times of the year. If you were hoping to see cherry blossoms in October, good luck. You have to make sure you know which season is best for what flowers so that your wedding theme follows accordingly, how you are hoping for it to be. Most outdoor venues have gardeners who specifically tell you whether the venue has yearlong flowers or seasonal ones. Either way, it is best to know beforehand, so you know what to expect. The right kind of flowers make a huge impact on the wedding décor and especially if the venue is in a garden then that is the whole essence of the décor.

2) Accommodate the weather. Sometimes, even the local weatherman cannot predict whether or not it will rain or if the wind will be exceptionally strong. That does not mean that if it does, you should be discouraged from having an outdoor wedding. Garden venues often accommodate the weather by setting canopy’s over the event in order to prevent excessive wind or even light rain. If you feel weary of the weather in your area, you should ask the venue if they could accommodate the weather, too. Aside from that, you should also be prepared for anything else – like it being too hot or too cold. If your wedding is in summer, be sure to accommodate your guests to the heat by having cold water easily accessible or folding fans for everyone. If your wedding is in winter, try getting portable heaters nearby to make sure nobody is cold and uncomfortable.

3) Ensure the venue caters to everybody. When you invite your guests to your wedding, you have to be sure to cover all the fronts. This means making sure that each guest is comfortable. You should ensure your wedding garden has easy access to a restroom and that the parking lot accommodates the number of guests you have. You cannot have your guests left to their own devices because you did not plan for everyone’s needs. You should also make sure there is handicapable access available for any guest who may require it.

4) There should always be good lighting. This is understandable: you need the wedding to be well lit. You cannot predict cloudiness, so it is best to prepare ahead. If the wedding is happening in the day, and the reception later, the lights should be accessible and ready to go. There should also be a back-up power source in case of any sort of malfunction. Guests should also be able to see clearly without the darkness being a threat to them walking safely from point A to point B. 

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5) Ensure everybody can hear you. One thing about outdoor events is the problem with sound. There can often be a lot of background noise that disables people standing several feet away from you to hear what you are saying. You should either test whether you can be heard to the last row of chairs at the ceremony or get a mic stand for the arbor. If you are getting a DJ, they might be able to get you attachable mics that you can wear so all your guests can hear you. 

6) Be prepared for all kinds of guests. There is always one kind of guest who appears in most places uninvited: the crawly kind. Bugs, mosquitos, spiders – these are all uninvited guests who may want to make a surprise appearance at a garden wedding. That is why you should take precautions to ensure you ward off these crawly creatures and keep them far away from you and your guests. You can do this by spraying mosquito repellent before the ceremony begins and ensure that the guests are seated by burning diffusers around that also repel mosquitos and other insects. Though the measures you can take for this are easy, not preparing for insects could be a big problem.

7) Warn the neighbors. If you are having a garden party in your own garden, be sure to warn your neighbors. The music can get loud, and there can be many cars parked around the street, so it is always better to let everyone know. You do not want to inconvenience anybody, which is why you should tell them in advance what to expect.

8) Make the most of decorations. Outdoor garden weddings are the best to decorate. The outdoor, natural sunlight provides a great aesthetic for flowers and nature, but as it gets darker, there should still be things to see. Decorating outdoors can even be simple; fairy lights, lanterns, and candles are among the easiest décor you can get. They look good with any sort of aesthetic and they are easy to get. They can even be hanged in trees and placed on tables giving the wedding, a warm illumination while still making it look beautiful. 

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Your garden wedding will look good depending on how much effort is in it, which is why you should prepare for it beforehand. If you are booking an outdoor garden location to have your wedding, be prepared for the time of day, and the month so you know what to expect. Most importantly, make the most of each moment. Things we anticipate for so long have a tendency of flying by us in a matter of minutes, so hold on to each moment. Enjoy your celebrations and revel in the beauty and majesty of a garden wedding. 


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