Hoops Decorated With Flowers and Plants: The Latest Wedding Decor Trend

Discover the latest trend for wedding decoration - more personal and authentic than ever. Take a look through the gallery!

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In recent years, wedding trends have changed massively. From wedding looks to wedding decor, the whole aesthetic of the big day has become something completely different to the traditions of the past.

Every season we see how bridal fashion reinvents itself, but it’s not only the textile industry that changes from season to season, it’s also the smaller aspects. Among the new styles and details, is flower rings that add a rustic, authentic touch to any wedding event.

And it seems that a thing so “simple” at first sight, can give your wedding a unique touch to remember forever. The hoops with flowers can be hung from the ceiling of the place of celebration making it a dream scenario, or placed in the decoration of the ceremony, as an improvised altar in a charming garden. You can also use them to recreate the seating, centrepieces, and many other things.

Don’t miss out on the beautiful decorations in this gallery. This trend is here to stay!

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