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  • Alon Livné for Spring 2019: A Heavenly Collection for the Most Angelic Brides

Alon Livné for Spring 2019: A Heavenly Collection for the Most Angelic Brides

The new collection for Alon Livné for Spring/Summer 2019 is sheerly divine. Take a closer look at these gorgeous gowns for next season and choose yours today - we promise you'll look simply heavenly.

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The church background chosen by Alon Livné to photograph their new collection for Spring 2019 is more than appropriate for a range of wedding dresses that we can only describe as heavenly. Named Arcadia – a fitting title, derived from the Greek concept of Utopia, a poetic and symbolic space associated with harmony and splendour – this collection far surpasses any expectation we could have for a designer who is still considered to be a “newcomer” amongst the bridal greats. Indeed, Alon Livné gives even the most established houses a very good run for their money with Arcadia – and we are sure that you will adore it too!


The new range from Alon Livné is designed with the intention of accentuating and showcasing the female body. Form-fitting, but never clingy, these gowns are comprised of expertly draped fabrics, innovative cuts, and the most incredible lightweight fabrics. We would expect to not only look but feel angelic in any one of these wedding dresses, particularly the Tiffany and Florette gowns, that experiment – with great success – with luxurious tulle. However, our favorite here at Zankyou has to be the Jessa gown. Its original construction (we have never seen an off-the-shoulder gown with long material sleeves before!), and the gorgeous floral detailing around the bust are simply extraordinary.

Alon Livné is rising to the top at breakneck speed, and if the Arcadia Collection is any sign of what it is to come, then it is extremely well deserved. Couture has never looked this classy – and we have absolutely fallen in love with the romantic designs within this range! Designed to complement the female form, we are happy to say that this collection comes closer to perfection than any we have seen so far for 2019. So have a scroll through the Arcadia range, and be inspired today…

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Alon Livné for Spring 2019: A Heavenly Collection for the Most Angelic Brides