At Lara Hotz Photography, they believe that photography is a way of telling stories. It’s about capturing moments and finding beauty in unlikely places at its best when underscored by truth. Lara is an Australian photographer who has established herself as a highly influential figure in the industry. She is a firm favourite of wedding magazines, blogs and the whole of social media due to her distinctive images featuring dramatic confetti and smoke bombs, as well as the occasional celebrity bride.

Describing herself as a ‘Visual storyteller’, Lara draws inspiration from the love, laughter, characters and atmosphere of the day. Depending on the couple’s preference, Lara is willing to be present from sunrise until late into the night. She loves to capture as much as possible to piece together the story of the day, and she always ensures enough time has been allocated to have a moment with the couple so they can have some time together to really take in everything and to create some beautiful portraits for them.

Above all, though, Lara places great emphasis on getting to know her clients and making sure that they feel comfortable by always remaining open and honest. This creates a great deal of trust between them,  allowing her to deliver images that portray their story perfectly.  

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