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Josh Withers is a wedding celebrant who is crazy about awesome marriage ceremonies that are not defined by society or religion, but that are simply defined by you! Josh and his team team are passionate about celebrating marriage in a really fun, meaningful, and enjoyable way and creating memorable moments where two people enter as friends and leave as husbands and wives. They value integrity and truth over wedding tradition and they believe that the marriage ceremony is the pinnacle of the wedding, not the pre-show, and that it deserves the best. 

They are champions of simple, valuable and secular marriage values: that marriage is simply a union between two people entered into for life. And most importantly that your marriage is your marriage to celebrate, create, and enjoy in your own way and no society, religion or celebrant has a role in defining your marriage, because it’s yours.


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Retainer payment today, final payment in four months or one month before your wedding, whichever is sooner.
What type of ceremonies do you offer?
Civil Ceremony
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I make epic marriage ceremonies for awesome couples
How long has your business been running?
8 years

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